Lac Mégantic Train Derailment – Authorization To Institute a Class Action Against DPTS Marketing and Dakota Petroleum Transport Solutions Denied

Torys represented DPTS Marketing (DPTS) and Dakota Petroleum Transport Solutions (Dakota) with a team that included Sylvie Rodrigue, Geneviève Bertrand and Marie-Ève Gingras. On May 8, 2015, Justice Martin Bureau authorized the petitioners to institute a class action against some respondents but refused such authorization against DPTS and Dakota. Justice Bureau concluded that the facts […]

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Product Listing Agreements Come to Quebec

With the Royal Assent of Quebec Bill 28, the Minister of Health and Social Services (the Minister) can now enter into product listing agreements (PLAs) with pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. Bill 28 was an omnibus bill tabled at the Quebec National Assembly last November, with the overall goal of balancing the Quebec budget.1 The provisions related […]

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