The Cause of Action of the Representative Plaintiff in Class Proceedings

July 30, 2014

The Supreme Court of Canada’s late-2013 set of decisions in the direct/ in-direct purchaser trilogy1 and in AIC Limited v. Fischer2 continues to emphasize that the bar to certifying a class proceeding in Canada, including in Quebec, is a low one. However, it remains the case that for an action to be certified as a class proceeding, a suitable representative plaintiff is required. A representative plaintiff with a triable claim that legitimately raises common issues is important as a matter of natural justice and due process. Certifying class actions without having a “real” representative plaintiff seriously prejudices the defendant’s right to fully defend the case against it. Yet, at least in Ontario, very little attention has been devoted to this certification criterion.

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Sylvie Rodrigue, Geneviève Bertrand, James Gotowiec